Mobile Apps Development

Today the mobile apps technology is enormous technology for human being. Sun IT Limited is the offer the clients to develop mobile apps such as iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Black Berry and all of the Android OS based phone. We also developed the application of the mobile is that WiFi, Bluetooth, Maps, Social Networking apps, Web API and so on. Sun IT Limited has a professional team for developing the mobile apps. If you have taken mobile app training and getting the job opportunuties in world.

Personal Information

Academic Information

Degree Institute Discipline Subject Pass Year ResultType Result OutOf
SSS Laboratory Science N/A 2018 Grade 5.00 5.00
Diploma Engineering RPI Coputer Computer 2018 Grade 3.90 5.00
BSc Engineering DUET CSE CSE 2018 Grade 3.89 5.00

Course & Payments Details

Course Shift Trx Media Trx ID
Web Design & Development-ASP.NET Shift-A (Morning) Bkash 4959569
Web Design & Development-PHP Shift-B (Day) Rocket 9462268