About Us:

Welcome to our website Sun IT Limited. Sun IT Limited is a leading web & a software consulting firm in the global village. We are deploying the experience team for retrieving the project. We believe in quality service so we hope that you will appreciate our services. We deliver the digital services to public and private in home and abroad. Client’s satisfactions is our ultimate desired.

Vision: Our main concern is that, to adapting our nation with the global village for economic improvement.

Mission: We want to develop our nation through Information & Communication Technology.

We belief that, in the heritage of homeland as well as right and contemporary use of technology is key to the progress of a nation. Keeping this in mind, individual progresses eventually aggregated in progress of the whole nation. Sun IT always brings up to date, secure as well as verified technology in order ultimate progress. We have professional software development engineer who are always concern to deliver the optimum services for clients, it our passion. At the end of the day, we are working relentless for customers to achieve their optimum benefit that is why the clients always beside with us for their services.